The best affordable Airbnbs in Portland, Oregon

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In Portland, Oregon, it’s nearly impossible to drive through a neighborhood without spotting a front-yard vegetable garden, wind chimes, Tibetan prayer flags, or some other quintessential city quirk. To see the best of Portland, consider branching out from downtown to some of the city’s coolest neighborhoods like Alberta, Hawthorne, or Mississippi, where you’ll typically find the best restaurants, food trucks, doughnuts, and locally-roasted coffee the city has to offer.

Because much of Portland’s food and shopping centers are so decentralized, it’s often better to book an Airbnb in a hip neighborhood than a hotel in a tourist hotspot to experience a more fulfilling taste of the local life. Additionally, Airbnbs are an especially appealing option right now since experts and the CDC have noted that private vacation rentals are a safer option during COVID than hotels.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that there is still no guarantee of safety when it comes to travel right now. Many states are currently experiencing surges in COVID-19 cases. We always recommend following guidelines from the CDC, checking local and state guidelines, practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently, and wearing a mask in public areas. Additionally, you should exercise additional caution depending on your personal risk factors and whether you’re traveling to or from a current hot spot.

With all that said, there are numerous affordable Airbnb options for those who do plan to visit Portland. We combed Airbnb for the highest-rated listings and narrowed it down to appealing options from renovated school buses to luxury condos. 

We chose Portland Airbnbs based on the following criteria:

    1. Airbnb listings are for the entire home, so you don’t have to worry about sharing a bathroom or keeping your distance from others.
    2. Each Airbnb is affordable, ranging in price from $55 to $175, with availability to book at publishing time.
    3. All are highly-rated Airbnb listings with a review score of 4.9 or higher.
    4. Each listing has committed to Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, which sets a high standard for cleanliness between guest visits.
    5. Properties are unique and modern near a popular neighborhood.

These are the best Airbnbs in Portland, Oregon, sorted by price from low to high.

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